4 lithium-ion battery stocks rose Shanshan shares stock trading

- Mar 18, 2016 -

With the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, lithium-ion battery plates become the boom of new energy automobile industry chain top plate, its earnings growth is particularly eye-catching in 2015. Rough statistics by journalists, nearly 40 lithium battery in the listed company, has published nearly 30 2015 annual net profit rose 19. Narada (16.20 +5.40% buy), Pearl Cangzhou (18.34 +0.00% buy), a Grammy (10.36 +1.97%, bought) and a number of the company's first-quarter results forecasts, as well as a number of lithium battery enterprises in March this year agency investigation revealed in raw materials prices, orders, capacity analysis, you can anticipate the lithium battery industry, high growth will continue.

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