Android enters the era of fast charging How to play mobile power?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

   The boat of friendship can't be said to be overturned, but the era of Andrews came to say it! In the first half of 2016, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Samsung, and VIVO released new machines in the first half of 2016 to implement the concept of large capacity, high operation, and low price, making it easy to create a fun-filled environment. Charm experience. Android smart phones consume a lot of power due to frequent start-up applications and calculations. From time to time, it is necessary to perform power replenishment. It is customary to carry chargers wherever they go, greatly restricting users' free operation. To this end, the recent launch of millet 5, Meizu PRO6, Samsung S7, Huawei P9, VIVO Xplay5 and other mobile phones are equipped with their own proud of fast charging technology, so that smart phone power transmission is efficient and convenient.

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    As the name suggests, fast charging technology refers to a fast charging technology. Compared with the traditional mode, fast charging technology will give more power to the mobile phone in the same operating time, or it will start from zero in a very short time. , Pull up to meet the level of basic operational needs, fast charging technology can quickly increase the smart phone's battery charge and running time, do not have to worry about frequently plugging and unplugging the charger.

    As the saying goes, "Thousands of people face each other," the "fast charge" technologies adopted by major manufacturers are not the same. Different mobile phones have different standards, and it is difficult to find a clear definition for complete interpretation. Millet 5 is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology, using Type-C interface, excellent charging performance; Huawei P9 supports fast charging protocol, you can buy 9V/2A fast charge head for free charging; Meizu PRO 6 is equipped with mCharge3.0 fast charging technology, theoretical charging speed faster; VIOV Xplay5 mobile phone uses a twin engine flash charging technology, up to 9V/2A charging mode, to further enhance the charging speed. Different technologies have different speeds and different speeds. Different mobile phones have different standards, but they are called fast-charged, fast-charged and slow-filled silly and unclear, and people can not help but be full of uncertainty about the era of Android fast-charge.

    After the smart mobile phone enters the era of fast charging, what kind of role will mobile power play and provide services to users? Mobile power, also known as “charging treasure”, is one of the greatest inventions in the era of smart phones. It brings a longer bowing entertainment experience to people who have not been able to recharge for a long time outside, and easily extends the pleasure of smart life. This is the charm of mobile power.

    Fast charging technology mainly depends on the transmission and conversion of the power generated by the charger. For the majority of users, the limitations of choosing a mobile power source for charging are smaller. In almost any environmental condition, the mobile power supply can be quickly powered and given to the mobile phone. Enough power protection!

    As far as the smart phone industry is concerned, different mobile phones have different standards, but they can all be called fast charging. The specifications are not clear, and defining the basis and actual effect of fast charging or slow charging is still fogging. Look at the feeling of flowers. Under this circumstance, the mobile power supply will solve the problem of fast charging on a universal basis based on its own technical characteristics and standards, find a fast charging solution for the user, define a fast charging standard for the industry, and assign Android smart phones. More speed charging fun!

    At present, fast charging technology in the field of mobile power is becoming more and more mature. Meizu, Pinshang, Romoss, LeTV and other major brands have introduced rapid charging equipment with independent innovation technology, leading the fast charge in the field of mobile power supply. Popularity. The rapid charging of mobile power has undoubtedly redefined a "fast charge standard" for Android users, and at the same time, the fast-charged mobile power can be used as a universal technology under the universal standard, allowing users to enjoy a more rapid Mobile charging experience.

   Android enters the era of fast charging, how to play mobile power? Through the above recounts, I believe that everyone has already had the answer in mind. For the majority of consumers, the practical effect is to lead the purchase of the king! When the Android mobile phone has entered the era of fast charging, the role of mobile power is also changing, from the traditional simple power supply protection to the problem of fast charge on the basis of universal, and to create a "fast charge "Specification, to provide a better user experience for the majority of users!

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