Lithium Battery Safety Technology

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Electric vehicles, for the future to solve the traditional energy consumption and air pollution problems provide a practical way, whether it is policy support or people to accept the degree of electric vehicles, can see the rapid development of electric vehicle industry. In the field of electric vehicles, lithium battery technology is the key to the future development of electric vehicle industry. Compared with other types of batteries, lithium batteries with high charge and discharge speed and energy density, at this stage with lithium-ion battery electric vehicles are almost able to meet the needs of urban transport. Although a lot of advantages, but the lithium battery electric car exposed security issues is also a very concerned about one aspect, how to control the safety of lithium batteries? Having read this article may have some inspiration for you.

Lithium battery, as the name suggests, is the use of lithium-ion movement to produce energy of a secondary battery, that is, charge and discharge batteries. This battery is also a relatively common form of life in our battery, small cell phone, large to electric cars, lithium batteries gradually become the mainstream direction of development, especially in the field of electric vehicles, the advantages of lithium batteries in the electric car The field has been a great play, but also because of the popularity of lithium batteries, lithium battery security has gradually become a hot topic. The following are the same as the "

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, people demand for power lithium battery increasingly strong. But the recent frequent occurrence of new energy vehicles fire incident, the survey results show that more than the power battery, so the power of lithium battery safety issues become a hot topic for a time. The following are the same as the "

There are many factors that affect the safety of lithium batteries, where the battery material has an important impact on the safety of lithium batteries, because the battery material generally have a thermal activity, when the battery temperature continues to rise, the internal will be a lot of thermal reactions, when Heat can not be lost in time, it is easy to cause the battery safety accident, so the lithium battery positive and negative material selection for the battery safety performance has an important impact. Second, the battery manufacturing process is also an important factor affecting the safety performance of the battery, the most important of which there are three factors, namely the positive and negative capacity ratio, slurry uniformity control, coating quality control, which positive and negative capacity ratio relationship To the battery life and safety performance, in order to ensure the safety performance of the battery, you need to take full account of the battery charging positive and negative cycle characteristics and the negative ability to accept lithium. The uniformity of the slurry directly affects the uniformity of the distribution of the active material of the battery on the electrode, the unevenness of the slurry, and the phenomenon of expansion and contraction of the negative electrode material when the battery is charged and discharged. And the coating quality control is very easy to cause the battery short-circuit, in addition, the coating thickness and uniformity will affect the active material embedded and prolapse. The following are the same as the "

At present, lithium-ion battery applications more and more widely, so as soon as possible to improve the power of lithium battery production process to ensure the safety of lithium battery safety, so as to promote the development of lithium batteries and related industries.

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