Buy A Small Treasure Of Charging Treasure

- Nov 30, 2018-

1. After the mobile power supply has undergone 500 cycles of charging and discharging, the capacity of the battery will be obviously attenuated. Here, we must tell you that the polymer mobile power supply has a longer cycle life and higher safety. Slightly higher.

2. Conversion rate is a very important performance indicator for mobile power. The higher the conversion rate, the better the mobile power. Due to the operation of the mobile power supply itself, the internal circuit also needs to consume power, and the power stored inside the battery core cannot be completely output for charging the mobile phone. To be able to make the conversion rate of mobile power is too high depends on the strength of the manufacturer. Generally, a 10,000 mAh mobile power supply can output 7000 mAh of electricity.

3. Does the manufacturer indicate the source of the components, such as the original imported batteries used by Xiaomi mobile power supply, Texas Instruments circuit chips, etc.

4. Is the protection circuit of the mobile power supply safe and reliable?

5. After buying the mobile power supply, the most important thing is to check whether there is any quality problem, whether there is any abnormality in the charging and discharging process, and whether the conversion rate is up to standard.

Mobile power purchase tips are introduced here, I hope everyone can buy their own mobile power products.

In addition, everyone should also choose the most suitable charging treasure according to their own needs.

The mobile phones used are different. The frequency of using mobile phones is different, the charging requirements are different, and the charging treasures required are different. In fact, different charging treasures also have different design concepts, designed for different needs and different usage scenarios. What kind of charging treasure is most suitable for your own mobile phone, you also need consumers to consider their own mobile phone.

About fast charging, many smart phones and tablets now support fast charging function. If your mobile phone supports fast charging function, you may wish to purchase a charging treasure that supports the corresponding fast charging function. If the Qualcomm processor is used to support Qualcomm QC fast charging function, you can purchase a charging treasure that supports Qualcomm QC fast charging; Meizu mobile phone supports mCharge fast charging function, you can choose a Meizu fast charging mobile power for mobile phones Charging; LeTV's music flash charge; oppo's voov flash charge function.

Regarding the battery core, the battery used in the mobile power source is mainly divided into a lithium ion battery core and a polymer battery core. It is generally considered that the polymer battery core has higher safety and a longer cycle life, and many high-end mobile phones are adopted. Polymer battery. But the price of polymer mobile power will be slightly higher.

About the input / output interface, the current charging treasure input is mainly three, one is Android's Micro USB interface, one is a self-contained plug, one is Apple's lightning interface; the current mobile power supply uses the output mode also has three One is the USB interface output, one is the output line with its own Micro USB interface, and the other is the output line with its own lightning interface. What kind of input/output interface is needed for your mobile phone to look at your mobile phone yourself.

Regarding compatibility, most of the charging treasures on the market now use a universal design. The general charging treasures support charging for various mobile digital devices, but there are also special designs.

About how to choose the most suitable charging treasure for your mobile phone, I will introduce it to you here. I hope everyone can buy a charging treasure product that is satisfactory to you.

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