Can Your Charging Treasure Get On The Plane? Let You Understand In A Minute

- Nov 30, 2018 -

One day before the National Day, Xiamen Airport was affected by the super-strong typhoon of “Du Fu”. On September 30, coupled with the National Day holiday travel factors, passenger traffic increased significantly. The passenger dynamics of the T3 terminal at Xiamen Airport increased significantly from more than 9,800 to more than 19,000. There are more travellers, and the pressure on security inspections has increased. Airports have also intensified their inspections to ensure safe and smooth travel during the National Day.

Recently, Xiamen Airport recently seized a number of contraband items and illegally carrying knives, using fake and fraudulent documents. However, it is worth reminding that only 300 passengers were seized on the same day. All kinds of large and small, no logo, "three no", super-regular charging treasures have different forms. This not only brings losses to passengers, but also brings pressure and hidden dangers to air defense security. Xiamen Airport reminds and advises the majority of tourists: “Check your luggage in time before you travel, and stop the lithium battery that is not in line with the civil aviation transportation management. It will be blocked when you check it, which will bring you losses and inconvenience.”

During the National Day, Xiamen Airport strengthened the efforts to promote the charging treasure in the terminal building, and also increased the penalties for passengers to intentionally carry contraband and dangerous goods. On August 14, the Civil Aviation Administration reiterated that passengers are prohibited from carrying lighters and matches on the plane. Passengers carrying lighters and matches in checked baggage and checked baggage will be severely punished by 5,000 yuan or less.

In addition, the Civil Aviation Administration has once again reiterated the regulations for passengers to carry the charging treasure. The regulations emphasize: First, it is strictly forbidden to carry the charging treasure in the checked baggage. 2. It is strictly forbidden to carry a charging treasure with a rated energy exceeding 160Wh; a charging treasure with a rated energy exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh must be approved by the airline and must not exceed two. 3. It is strictly forbidden to carry a charging treasure with unclear identification. 4. It is strictly forbidden to use the charging treasure during the flight. 5. It is strictly forbidden to carry the charging treasure for non-personal purposes.

For those who violate the above provisions, the public security organs will seriously deal with them according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state according to the circumstances. At the same time, this rule also applies to flight crews. In other words, as long as the charging treasure meets certain standards, it can follow the passengers on the plane, but it cannot be checked. In addition, if it is a charging treasure that is bought (purchased) by others, or multiple charging treasures, it cannot be on the plane.

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