Dual USB Output! Millet Mobile Power Capacity Of 16000mAh

- Mar 18, 2016 -

Millet company was founded in April 2010, is a focus on intelligent products of independent research and development of mobile Internet company. "Born for fever" are products of millet concept. Millet company pioneered the use of the Internet model mobile phone operating system, enthusiasts involved in the development of improved models.

This millet (MI) millet mobile power, high capacity 16000mAh, Micro USB transport entry 1, USB outlet 2, known as the dual-port outputs at the same time up to a maximum of 5.1V/3.6A, bigger than ordinary dual-port power output, for faster charging two devices at once. Using top-line protection chip, and fully enhance the efficiency of charge and discharge. Forming one of the metal, fell collision-resistant, can withstand a 2000 hit, sweat on the surface corrosion, suitable for carrying.

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