From The Details Of The Identification Of Nokia Lithium Battery True And False

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Nokia is one of the mainstream mobile phone brand, its lithium battery is one of the high value-added accessories, because of this, in all kinds of counterfeiting, fake lithium battery has become one of the key, the following we through several easy to distinguish details of the Nokia Several mobile phone lithium battery to carry out the other, these mobile phone styles are: N97, N86, N96, N78, N79, N81, N82, E51.

1, N97 models used in the BP-4L lithium battery, identify methods: (1), the bottom of the battery hole, usually, this injection with the hole because only one use, so after the injection is not patient grinding, So that the BP-4L lithium battery hole is inevitably not very regular, and even some rough, counterfeit batteries because of "imitation" deliberately but neat, but the so-called self-defeating, experienced consumers can see from the flaws; 2), the core contacts, the real thing to be much more refined, and the simulation of the core contact is generally thin, small elasticity, easy to deformation, which makes the lithium battery charging and discharge often appear as poor contact; (3), the battery Behind the square identification code original power clear, imitation fuzzy.

2, N86 models used in the BL-5K lithium battery, identify methods: (1), imitation stickers some rough, very irregular; (2) the true and false identification of the core contact with the BP-4L lithium battery the same, in addition, The three contacts are somewhat distorted in the arrangement.

3, N96 models used BL-5F lithium battery to identify methods: (1), the original size of the stickers uniform, smooth corners, imitation stickers size is not regular, and sometimes there will be corner stickers hollowing phenomenon; , Imitation electric contact rough, (3), imitation color slightly lighter, have a sense of old.

4, N78, N79 models used BL-6F lithium battery to identify methods (1), the front pit: the original electrical front near the contact where there are two deeper holes, imitation only made a shallow small (2), the back of the pit: the same difference with the following, the original electrical contact neatly, with a small groove, and the other side of the hole, Imitation electric contacts rough, no small groove.

5, N81, N82, E51 used BP-6MT lithium battery, the main difference in the contact, can refer to the above method system.

Nokia The above-mentioned number of mobile phone batteries is a square polymer lithium battery, you can from the appearance of a detailed identification, which is a more simple way. Another experimental method is the use of Nokia to provide the power test method, through Nokia's own battery power test software can be measured battery power. Although the standard power is not necessarily the original power, but not the standard must be counterfeit batteries.

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