Future Lithium Battery Will Certainly Replace Lead-acid Batteries

- May 31, 2017 -

The future of lithium batteries will certainly replace lead-acid batteries, but does not mean that lead-acid batteries on the useless, and even I think lead-acid batteries can be strong for several years no problem. Here I give you a simple talk about the pros and cons of both.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lead Acid Battery

Advantages 1: cheap! This should be its biggest advantage, even less than one-third of the price of lithium batteries, so it has not been eliminated by the lithium battery.

Advantages 2: leather real! Lead-acid battery is good to support, any of you wrestling hit does not affect the use, even if a problem, a little repair can then use.

Advantages 3: recyclable! Lead-acid battery comes with recyclable skills, in the bad after you can go to the electric car store trade-in, make up the difference can be a new set of batteries, the loss to a minimum, relatively the environment.

Disadvantages? Volume and weight, battery capacity is limited, short life, lead-acid batteries generally deep deep discharge within 400 times, there is memory, life in about two years.

Lithium battery advantages Lithium-ion battery is nearly 10 years of high-tech research one of the most important results, representing the development of the latest level of chemical power. As a result of this new system has a high specific energy, long cycle life and environmental friendliness and other significant advantages, has now become all kinds of advanced portable electronic products, the main matching power supply in the mobile has an absolute advantage, the current lithium-ion battery global year Demand has reached 1.3 billion, with annual sales of 27 billion US dollars, there is no doubt that one of the leader in the rechargeable battery market. With the lithium-ion battery research and development of new materials, battery technology innovation and the participation of many scientific research institutions and enterprises, lithium-ion battery performance is increasing, the battery cost is increasingly reduced, the battery safety performance has been greatly improved, lithium Batteries in the field of electric vehicles are gradually showing the application advantages. Japan's Fuji economy that lithium-ion battery will be gradually replaced in 2011, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion battery as the mainstream of the future technology line no doubt. With the development and application of new materials such as lithium titanate and lithium iron phosphate, lithium ion batteries will be the ideal choice for a series of major high-tech applications such as clean transportation and photovoltaic energy storage. At present, China National Grid Corporation is actively developing 10MW Level lithium-ion battery energy storage system test project, which will lead to the relevant manufacturing equipment and plant a new round of investment, at the same time, many new lithium-ion battery and materials into the manufacturers will make the relevant areas of technical competition more intense Capacity lithium-ion battery storage power station will be gradually on the basis of this rise.

Advantages 1: Light! Under normal circumstances, lead-acid battery pack weight in the 16-30 kg, larger; and lithium battery weight is generally 2.5-3.0 kg, the volume is relatively small, so riding light, handling is also convenient.

Advantages 2: long life! Lithium battery average life expectancy is about 4 years or so, about twice the lead-acid battery, and if the original can run 50 km, then two years later can run 40 km, lead-acid batteries can run 30 km has been enough Guards The.

Advantage 3: better use! Lithium battery resistance to charge / charge and discharge performance is good, the normal temperature, the lithium battery can be charged for 48 hours without the battery expansion leaks and other accidents, the capacity to maintain more than 95%. And in a special charger, you can quickly charge and discharge, shock resistance is also strong.

So, my conclusion is that electric vehicles with lithium batteries, Tesla and calf electric cars are used 18650 lithium battery pack. But the lead-acid battery will still live in the ordinary electric car for a few years, do not forget the lead-acid battery technology is also improving it. Finally, anyway, the future or lithium battery, small to the balance of cars, big cars are inseparable from it. Of course, if the future suddenly appeared better performance more environmentally friendly new battery, that lithium battery will be eliminated.

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