How To Avoid Lithium Battery Hot Runaway

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Lithium Battery accident 80% is due to short circuit, short circuit caused the battery fire, the explosion frequency is reported that the power of lithium battery safety problems once again pushed to the cusp of public opinion. The reason why the short circuit will lead to more serious consequences and "hot runaway" phenomenon.

The thermal stability of the battery material has always been an important factor in the safety of powered Lithium Battery. The thermal energy of the positive electrode material compared to the cathode material is also considered to be the main cause of the thermal runaway of the battery. Therefore, looking for good thermal stability of the cathode material to become the key to power Lithium Battery.

In essence, "hot runaway" is an energy positive feedback cycle: an elevated temperature can cause the system to become hot and the system heats up the temperature, which in turn makes the system hotter. Thermal runaway is a very common phenomenon, from concrete conservation to star explosion, there may be heat out of control.

Lithium Battery heat out of control for the following reasons:

1, often overcharge.

2, unauthorized modification of the shell.

3, the ambient temperature exceeds 60 ° C.

4, isolated Lithium Battery anode and cathode diaphragm will lead to short-circuit, and short-circuit will often cause thermal collapse.

Participate in the "hot runaway" reaction is the Lithium Battery in the cobalt oxide chemicals. Heating this chemical to a certain temperature, it began to self-heating, and then developed into fire and explosion. In some cases, the release of this organic electrolyte will cause the battery to rupture. It is also possible to burn if exposed to high temperatures or sparks.

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