HOW TO Choose A Power Bank

- May 09, 2016 -

HOW TO choose a power bank

In China, here has so many power bank in the market, even the power bank brand there are thousands, how to pick up a right power supply? not all of them are worthy for consideration.

Here is the question for your real consideration, and help you can find your best power bank.

1.Know about your requirements
is it used for travel? is it use use for usual day? or used for bussiness travel?
there are so many options, so think about what is much use.

Figure the situation to yourself, ask yourself,
"how many battery capacity I need"
"how many times It can be charged"
"how much I can accept"

2.Battery type
There are  two main battery type: Lithium lon and Lithium Polymer
li-ion(lithium lon,18650 lithium battery) which means length is 65mm and diameter of 18mm is cylindrcal in shape is older generation but still popular due to lower price.

Lithium Polymer is the new advanced battery, made of aluminium plastic casing and has lighter weight, better performance and safety features, its thickness is thin than 18650 battery and has more capacity in same size.

So, I suggest to choose lithium polymer.

3.Power Bank Capacity
1)your current mobile battery capacity is very important. factor to consider power bank you require.
Understand your mobile phone battery capacity, that can decide on the best power bank capacity.

Digital device battery capacity:
ipad 4, 10000,mAH;
iPhone 5, 1450mAh;
galaxy S3, 2100mAh;
galaxy S4, 2600mAh;
galaxy note, 2500mAh;

2)Power Bank Supply Capacity
In the market, those powerbank always has a regular capacity.
800mAh power bank;
1200mAh power bank;
2200mAh power bank;
2600mAh power bank;
4000mAh power bank;
5000mAh power bank;
5200mAh power bank;
6200mAh power bank;
7800mAh power bank;
8000mAh power bank;
10400mAh power bank;
13000mAh power bank;
20000mAh power bank;
Power bank another name is portable power pack, "portable" is option.

The power bank to factor the leakage and voltage conversion, so one can safely assume that the actual available power would be 20-30% of the mentioned mAh. the 10000mAh power bank maybe could hava  a usable capacity of 8000mAh.

With lot of fake power banks flooding the market, actuality, as a chinese,I have many experiences of shopping in china, So,I need says, Certifications is very important to choose a credible option.
out of china, CE,FCC,Rohs certifications(and truly certificate) should be a safe bet.

5.Funtion model
Such like led indicator,led light, and wirless etc..
Led indicator is base inside all of power bank.
Led light, and wirless is not  essential, cause, that will be spend fast that capacity.

6.Power Bank Brand
There are many power bank brands( 
power bank supplier ) in the market, above the selection criteria may brand is not important, somtime you do't  like to thinking, brand will be the good option, such as ambopower power bank, my charger battery pack, ambopower power bank,etc.

At the end, Can you choose your power bank supply?.

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