How To Choose A Safe And Quality Power Bank

- May 24, 2016 -

About Power Bank Power banks are also known as portable chargers, portable battery packs, mobile power packs or power juice packs. As mobile devices consume more power with newfangled capacities like GPS, apps, and games, an increasing number of users are staying prepared with power banks to feed their power-hungry devices. However, recent news reports of power banks overheating and exploding have raised concerns on consumer safety. Rumours have also surfaced of substandard power banks packed with chemicals, acid and sand, which not only fail to fulfill the function, they may melt and endanger users. Riding on the wave of acceptance for smartphones, power banks remain a young product on the market, but it is time consumers learn to be more discerning when choosing and using them.

Choosing a Quality and Safe Power Bank

Manufacturer's Information

Check that the power bank is properly labeled to show manufacturer’s information. Those that lack such information or appear dubious cannot be traced back to the manufacturer and may not meet required safety standards.

Check Safety Specification

The power bank should come with detailed safety specifications such as operating environment, input requirements and output capability. It should also come with safety instructions for using the power bank.

Reasonable Warranty

What is the lifespan of my mobile power?
The life cycle of all of our Power Banks is 500 cycles which would equal to charging your device daily for a year and a half.

The manufacturer should offer a reasonable period of warranty, such as 1 year, or even product liability insurance on top of the warranty provided.

Come with Safety Protection Feature

There is a risk of excessive heat build-up leading to fire or explosion when using poorly designed or poorly made lithium-ion or lithium-polymer based power banks. Look out for safety features such as:

  • Over-charge protection: Charging is cut off when your device is fully charged; power is cut off when the power bank is fully charged.

  • Over-discharge protection

  • Over-voltage protection

  • Over-current protection

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Overheat protection

  • Extra insulation of battery elements

To Comply with CE and FCC Standard

The power bank should be at least conform to CE (European Standard) and FCC (US Federal Communications Commission)Certified. If the power bank is UN38.3 safety standards complaint, it will give the user added assurance that it is safe for use in flight and safe when used under regular transportation stresses.


By choosing only power banks with high standard of safety, quality and reliability, users can have peace of mind while staying on the move with their mobiles devices.

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