How To Correctly Understand The Lithium Battery Overcharge Phenomenon?

- Jul 04, 2017 -

People often have a misunderstanding when charging: to maintain a full state is the best. Perhaps for obsessive-compulsive disorder, when the battery power from 100% to 99% will be his life, but in fact always keep the phone in the state of charge is not a recommended behavior, especially after the device is fully charged Also continue to charge, cell phone battery can really withstand such a tossing.

Lithium Battery are not omnipotent Many elders always tell you when you get the first cell phone, the new phone to complete the full discharge, and then charge for 12 hours, and then completely discharge, need to repeat this 3 times. Had silly you must follow the elders of the words really do, but can actually use the lithium battery smart phone is no longer need such a troublesome battery maintenance process. Need to carry out a number of discharge process is the nickel-metal hydride battery, this battery has a strong memory, repeated charging and discharge process is to allow nickel-metal hydride batteries to get the maximum charge ceiling. Can now use the lithium battery, there is no need to repeat such a complex battery memory process. So, lithium battery will always maintain the highest power cap it? The answer must be negative. Although the lithium battery is known for durability, but after a number of battery cycle charge and discharge process, the inevitable limit of its power will be depleted, this loss is accumulated over time, and the reasons for the formation of loss in addition to the normal charge, Charge is the culprit. How to understand the overcharge phenomenon is really well understood, that is, the phone is full of electricity in the display of the case is still continuing to charge the phone battery, this time we said the phone is overcharged. In the case of battery power is full of charging will lead to changes in the structure of the cathode material, resulting in capacity loss, and its decomposition of oxygen and electrolyte will be a violent chemical reaction, the worst result is the natural explosion. General knowledge also tells us that the best way to save the battery at room temperature and dry place, whether it is nickel-metal hydride batteries or Lithium Battery are actually the same. When the charge occurs, there is no doubt that the current heat transfer will be a large number of emissions, resulting in lithium battery positive electrolyte reaction, consumption of lithium battery maximum capacity, when the heat accumulated to a certain extent, the fire, the explosion of such events are Is likely to happen. In the face of such a low security, natural mobile phone manufacturers and charger manufacturers will not sit idly by. After all, when the user occurs when the security problems must be bad luck, so when the phone to charge a lot of stress, especially in the mainstream to the USB port to charge the phone and charger are very particular about. In order to prevent overcharge they really fight it in fact most of the phone already have IC protection exists. The charger itself will also monitor the voltage and current. In order to protect the safety of the battery and the user, in the mobile device will often use trickle charge method. If you do not use the USB port to charge the loss, the USB charging port will be negotiated with the phone and match the appropriate current, so that the phone will not guarantee that most of the current will be lost due to high current input. In the battery power is low, such as about 10%.

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