How To Determine Your Own Right Power Bank

- May 10, 2016 -

How to determine your own right power bank

Currently the most popular fake brand power is a virtual standard way, but also for some of the old phone's compatibility is not good. First, as ordinary consumers do not freeloaders, the easiest way is to look at the price, the general mainstream of the total capacity of the brand in 4000 to 5000mAh power bank supply, the price will not be less than 50 yuan.

Select the correct channels, each mobile brand manufacturers will be in their official website area marked out their telephone numbers and addresses of agents, consumers can go directly to the store to buy. Like online shopping friends, reporters followed recommendation is Jingdong, Lynx and other large shopping platform.

Who already bought a friend, you can test by following these steps:

The first step, recording the total capacity of power bank, usually in the shell and instructions, such as 6000mAh.

Second, power bank is fully charged.

The third step is to record cell mobile charger capacity, you can check this website, view the documentation, open the battery cover is also marked as 1500mAh.

The fourth step is repeated with a power bank charger for mobile phones, mobile phone run out of points and then washed. Theoretically, you can charge four times (6000 divided by 1500 equals 4), but because the energy conversion will be consumed, so you can charge three times is not bad products, we can estimate the capacity of your power bank 4500mAh, This rough calculation conversion was 75%.

If your phone is full charged twice, the third charge to 50% on the end, you can calculate the 1500 multiplied by 2 multiplied by 50% plus 1500 equals 3750mAh, 3750mAh is approximately equal to what you buy on the power bank total conversion rate of 62.5%
Criteria: general more than 70% is acceptable, good brand products will be about 80%, less than 70% you have to pay attention.

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