How To Ensure Lithium Battery Capacity And Life

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Every time a friend mentioned, the company is the production of Lithium Battery. Friends of the first reaction are "the battery in the production of mobile phone" So every time I have to Balauba with friends to explain it again. In fact, with the continuous development of new energy, national environmental awareness continue to strengthen, lithium-ion battery has been widely used in higher technology, more rare industrial areas.

Like flying in the sky - used in the field of unmanned aerial polymer lithium battery products, such as farmer uncle's unmanned aerial vehicle driving spray pesticide aircraft. The most common parameters are 10Ah, 16Ah, 21Ah, 22.2V.

From the above, we can sum up the following points to ensure that the lithium battery capacity and life of the note:

At present, most of the electronic products are Lithium Battery, lithium-ion battery since 1990 since the advent of its excellent performance has been rapid development, and widely used in society, lithium battery manufacturers and therefore get the largest development of. Do not need to charge the lithium battery 100% full charge, not to use the exhausted. In the circumstances permitting, as far as possible to keep the battery power in the vicinity of half full state, charging and discharge the smaller the better;

General Chevy Volt electric car factory design is to force the battery power to maintain 20% to 80%, and Apple laptop built-in battery may also use this method (including some other laptop and electronic products), so that the battery can The number of charge and discharge cycles increases.

Do not use Lithium Battery (especially laptop Lithium Battery) long-term use of external power supply equipment in the case of work. Even if your notebook heat dissipation is good, long-term 100% of the electricity is equivalent to the murder of Lithium Battery.

1. If you long-term use of external power for the notebook computer power supply, or battery power has more than 80%, immediately remove your laptop battery, usually do not charge the battery charge, charge to about 80%; adjust the operating system power Option, the power alarm to 20% or more, usually the lowest battery power should not be less than 20%, down to 20% before the charge to be charged;

2. Mobile phones and other small electronic equipment, charge a good power should immediately disconnect the power cord (including the charging function of the USB interface), will eventually damage the battery; to regular charge, remember to charge, but do not have to have the battery full;

3. Whether it is on the laptop or mobile phones, etc., must not let the battery exhausted;

4. If you want to travel, the battery is full of it, but please remember that conditions permit to charge the appliance at any time, for battery life, must not wait until the battery dry.

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