How To Keep Lithium Battery Can Be Stable Development

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Lithium battery as a power source, has become an indispensable part of the times. However, the development of science and technology, improve the quality of life, but also to improve the lithium battery to a higher demand, how to enhance the lithium battery to meet the needs of social development, and lithium battery manufacturers need to improve the power battery from what aspects To maintain the advantages and strong competitiveness, in the May 14, China Lithium Materials Industry and Technology Development Forum, on this issue carried out a profound exchange and discussion.

Lithium Battery in today's society, is the new energy-powered car power support. Lithium battery development prospects immeasurable, but there are several urgent need to improve the problem. First of all, lithium battery manufacturers to give the price is too high, hinder the development of new energy electric vehicles, which also reduces the sales of lithium battery. This is a production and sales line of the problem, from lithium battery manufacturing to lithium battery sales should reduce costs and reduce the price on the market, thereby increasing sales. Second, the need to enhance the life of Lithium Battery, improve energy density, reduce the occurrence of short circuit, the use of security. Third, high-temperature Lithium Battery need to improve the high temperature, acceptable low temperature temperature also need to improve, and to be able to maintain in this extreme environment, to maintain the stability of the discharge and charging performance.

The current lithium battery manufacturers all over, but have focused on the price competition, rather than enhance the quality of the product. This disorderly malicious competition, the development of Lithium Battery does not make any sense, and even hindered the development of the industry. The lithium battery manufacturers, suppliers should abide by the national industry standards, improve the lithium diaphragm on more efforts to improve product quality and improve the life of Lithium Battery and safety performance as the core objectives, to create a reliable brand and high Quality of the product, this is to maintain the stability of lithium battery development, sustainable development of the two magic!

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