Lithium Battery Is Most Afraid Of Low Temperature?

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Day cold, the original energy full of Lithium Battery, capacity should play a discount, lithium battery seems to enter the hibernation state, which give new energy vehicles and digital products users bring no small trouble. Today, this article is concerned about the topic, is the impact of low temperature on the lithium battery and the industry's research and development progress.

In the tests conducted by the American Automobile Association, an electric car was 105 miles (about 169 km) at 75 degrees Fahrenheit (about 24 ° C) and 20 degrees Fahrenheit (about 7 ° C) To 43 miles (about 69 km) - a drop of up to 60%. Batteries and people somewhat similar to the climate after the cold is not so active, lead-acid batteries, Lithium Battery and fuel cells will be affected by low temperature, but the degree of different.

To the electric bus on the use of the most lithium iron phosphate battery, for example, this battery safety, monomer life is longer, but the low temperature performance than other technical system battery slightly worse. Low temperature on the positive and negative lithium iron phosphate, electrolyte and adhesive and so there is an impact. For example, lithium iron phosphate cathode itself is relatively poor electronic conductivity, low temperature environment prone to polarization, thereby reducing the battery capacity; by the impact of low temperature, graphite lithium reduction rate, easy to precipitate metal surface in the negative lithium, if the charge after the shelved time And the use of lithium metal can not be all embedded again within the graphite, part of the metal lithium persistent negative surface, most likely the formation of lithium dendrite, affecting the battery safety; low temperature, the electrolyte viscosity will increase, lithium ion migration impedance will In addition, in the production process of lithium iron phosphate, the adhesive is also a very critical factor, low temperature on the performance of the adhesive will have a greater impact.

The same is Lithium Battery, lithium titanate battery low temperature performance is relatively good. Spinel structure of the lithium titanate anode material lithium intercalation potential of about 1.5V, does not form lithium dendrite, in the charge and discharge process volume strain is less than 1%. Nano-Lithium Battery can be a large current charge and discharge, to achieve a low-temperature fast charge while protecting the battery durability and safety. For example, the main lithium titanate battery Yinlong new energy, its products have -50-60 ℃ in the normal charge and discharge capacity.

Although Lithium Battery with graphite as the negative electrode can be discharged at -40 ° C, it is difficult to achieve conventional current charging at -20 ° C and below, which is also an area that the industry is actively exploring.

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