Mobile Phone Password Verification Will Gradually Be

- May 24, 2018-

With the popularization and application of the latest facial recognition technology of Apple's iPhone X smart phone, the personal security and privacy issues of users have been pushed into a whole new field. Since 2007, the mobile terminal security authentication method has evolved from digital passwords to biometric live fingerprinting, as well as current facial recognition. It can be said that the experience brought to users is leaps and bounds.

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Today Xiao Bian suddenly thought when using his smart phone to send out red packets through fingerprint recognition. Now that the height of the mobile Internet is developing, fingerprint recognition and face recognition have become faster and more convenient, will traditional digital password security verification methods gradually be eliminated? ? With this suspicion and use of the time off work, Xiao Bian interviewed several users randomly in the supermarkets around the company. As a result, it was found that most people did not exclude password security verification when using fingerprints and facial recognition authentication methods. the way. They believe that in the use of small amounts of money in life, generally the first two methods are used, and in the use of large-value transaction payments, the use of passwords is more recognized. Others joked that if they were kidnapped, they would still be safe to use a password because criminals could use fingerprints and face recognition to transfer funds.

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