Mobile Power Life Knowledge

- Jun 28, 2016 -

Mobile power life knowledge
1, for charging mobile power: power adapter cable and mobile power through inserting labeled IN port, connect the power adapter into the mains, you can charge it. Charging LED lights green when the charge to the LED light is off, the internal battery is fully charged, you can stop charging. (Recommended when charging is not discharged, the charging time of about 7 hours)
2, mobile phones and other digital devices to charge: (a 5V adapter as long as any digital devices can be used for the mobile power charging) the charging cable into the OUT port of the product is marked with a corresponding adapter and put your phone or other digital devices connected, LED lights red when charging, mobile phone or other digital devices to see the charging instructions for the normal charge.
NOTE: The product comes with input, output protection, there is a good protection for your appliances, standby micropower, leisure no power, use more confidence! !
1 Do not use other AC adapter for charging mobile power.
2 Do not place the charger outdoors in the rain.
3 as a result of short-circuit protection, just unplug short-circuit load, can be activated by direct charging AC power is restored.

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