Mobile Power Products Are Mixed

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Recently, the reporter visited the Shenyang Northeast communications market and found that the mobile power sold on the market is varied, priced from twenty to thirty to four or five hundred yuan, and the product has a nominal capacity of up to 20,000 mAh. Most products are produced in Shenzhen and Its surrounding area. The reporter has not yet found a problem with batches of mobile power products flowing into the local market.

In the northeast communications market mobile phone accessories sales area, nearly every family booth has sales of mobile power products. For mobile power products sold, many businesses claim that the products have power protection and other equipment protection functions.

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At a mobile phone accessory booth, a male salesperson is marketing a mobile power product to a customer. "There are a lot of charging treasures in the market. If you use it yourself, it is best to choose the products of the big brands and the actual capacity." The male salesman said.

The male salesperson then removed a nominal 20,000 mAh mobile power product from the shelf and handed it to the customer, prompting that the product has a nominal capacity of 20,000 mAh and a real capacity of at most 10,000 mAh.

For the problem of the virtual power capacity capacity standard, the Shenzhen Consumer Council has conducted a comparative test on 20 mobile power sources of 20 brands sold by the e-commerce platform. The results show that 95% of the mobile power supply has an effective discharge rate of less than 70%, which is the capacity standard.

A number of mobile phone dealers surveyed said that the virtual standard capacity of some mobile power products has become an open secret in the industry. Manufacturers exaggerate the capacity of mobile power, mainly to attract customers to buy products.

The reporter's investigation found that some mobile phone products stalls put the capacity of the virtual standard and the real product together for sale, only distinguishing from the appearance, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish.

A number of mobile phone sales personnel interviewed said that customers can't judge the virtual power capacity from the appearance and price. In the sales process, if the customer asks about the actual capacity, the booth will provide the corresponding products according to the customer's needs.

Charging treasure national standard will be implemented in July this year

The product does not meet the standard and cannot be listed for sale.

According to media reports, in recent years, mobile power sources have appeared in spontaneous combustion and explosion accidents in public places. Shared charging treasures are seen as a venture capital outlet, and the demand for such products is heating up.

The reporter visited the market and found that there are no uniform national standards for mobile power products sold on the market.

How to standardize the quality and safety of mobile power, ensure the healthy development of the industry, and cause widespread concern in the industry. People in the industry have appealed that mobile power products urgently need to formulate unified national standards.

The reporter learned from the National Standards Committee that the National Standards Committee recently issued the China National Standards Bulletin No. 32 of 2017 and announced 1090 national standards, 4 national standard amendments, and 51 national standards foreign languages.

Among them, China's first mobile power (charging treasure) national standard GB/T 35590-2017 "General specification for mobile power for portable digital devices for information technology" was officially released, which will be formally implemented on July 1, 2018.

It is understood that the national standard for mobile power supplies specifies the technical requirements, test methods, quality assessment procedures, and signs, packaging, transportation, and storage of portable power supplies for portable digital devices, especially for rated capacity, rated energy, environmental adaptability, and safety. The regulations will provide more accurate technical evidence for follow-up product design and R&D, supervision, random inspection and transportation appraisal.

The industry generally believes that the official release of this national standard for mobile power supplies further clarified the safety requirements for such products. The relevant authorities will supervise the production and sales of mobile power according to the requirements of national standards, and supervise the production companies to strictly implement the production process and Technical specifications produce quality and safety products that meet the requirements of national standards. According to the standard requirements, products that fail to meet the standards will not be available for sale.

Should purchase regular channel products

The higher the capacity, the heavier the weight

Professionals in the quality supervision department remind the public to avoid buying defective products when purchasing mobile power products. They should try to purchase regular brand mobile power through formal channels. For products without brand models, no manufacturers, no electrical parameter identification, try not to buy. .

When purchasing, carefully check the casing of the mobile power supply. Poor quality mobile power products work relatively rough. For the same type of housing, the higher the capacity, the heavier the weight.

In addition, during use or shelving, contact with heavy objects or sharp metal parts should be avoided to prevent internal cells from being deformed by heavy objects or pierced by sharp metal, resulting in internal short circuit of the cells.

At the same time, consumers should be aware that in daily use, it is necessary to avoid contact between the input and output ports of the mobile power source and metal parts such as keys to prevent short circuits.

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