Ni-MH Battery And Lithium Battery Difference

- Jul 13, 2017 -

First, the weight side

With the voltage of each unit battery, nickel-hydrogen and nickel-cadmium are 1.2V, while the lithium battery is indeed 3.6V, lithium battery voltage is the other three times. And the same type of lithium battery weight and nickel-cadmium batteries are almost equal, while the nickel-nickel-metal hydride batteries are relatively heavy. It can be seen that each battery itself is different in weight, but the lithium battery due to 3.6V high voltage, the output of the same voltage in the case of a single battery combination can reduce the number of 1/1 after the molding of the battery weight and volume reduction.

Second, the memory effect

Ni-MH batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries have the same memory effect. Therefore, regular discharge management is also necessary. This type of periodic discharge management is handled in a fuzzy state, and even some discharges under incorrect knowledge (each discharge or after several times the discharge is different due to the company) This cumbersome discharge management In the use of nickel-metal hydride batteries can not be avoided. Relative to the lithium battery because there is no memory effect, in the use of very convenient and simple. It is completely unnecessary to ignore the number of residual voltage, can be directly charged, charging time can be shortened.

Third, the self-discharge rate

Nickel-cadmium batteries for 15 to 30% (months). Ni-MH battery for 25 to 35% (months), lithium batteries for 2 to 5% (months). Above the nickel-metal hydride battery self-discharge rate is the largest, while the lithium battery and the other two types of batteries compared to the discharge rate is very low.

Fourth, the charging method

Ni-MH battery and lithium battery can not withstand overcharge. Therefore, the nickel-metal hydride battery to a constant current charge PICK CUT control mode in the charge voltage reaches the highest, stop and continue to charge the best way to charge. The lithium battery is the use of constant current, constant voltage charging the best way, if the nickel-cadmium battery charger-DV control way to charge the nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries.

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