Power Bank Those Things

- Jul 13, 2017 -

With the increase in mobile phone performance, the screen increases, the battery life is bound to be stretched. The popularity of smart phones, integrated design and battery technology, the relative stagnation, so that mobile phones become a small partner home travel essential accessories. How do you choose the most suitable for your own from a different power source with different color shapes and different battery capacities? Today, the small move to talk to the small partners who talk about Power Bank those things.

1, large size or mini models

Power Bank is inseparable from the "mobile" word, portable is the primary consideration, you need to weigh before buying the volume of it. Some of the tens of thousands of mAh Power Bank supply volume is often too large, although the flat and other equipment for charging, but they are not suitable for daily carry.

In general, you can meet the phone fully charged once (about 5000mAh or so), small size will be a good choice for daily commute.

2, the capacity is the key

The battery capacity of the Power Bank is generally expressed as "mAh" (milliampere hours), and the number is naturally more attractive. Before buying, small partners need to know about the battery capacity of their own equipment, which is conducive to conversion of Power Bank performance. Such as mobile phone battery capacity of 1500mAh, a capacity of 5000mAh Power Bank in theory can achieve about 3.3 times the charge.

But in fact, the Power Bank itself is the use of self-discharge characteristics of the lithium battery material, coupled with the loss of discharge, the basic can not achieve the number of theoretical charge. For example, in the above example, Power Bank, can charge the phone 2.5 times, the performance can be justified.

3, the output current determines the charging time

The output current is a parameter that can not be ignored, usually indicated by "A" (amperes). The size of the output current will determine the charging time, as well as the applicable device. Generally speaking, the maximum charge received by the phone is 1A, while the tablet PC needs more than 2A.

Therefore, the purchase of Power Bank can be considered when choosing a dual USB interface, different output current products, such as 1A + 2.1A configuration, you can also meet the mobile phone and tablet computer charging needs.

4, the control chip is safe

Since the Power Bank supply actually uses an integrated circuit to control the discharge, the control chip is also very important to be able to identify the state of charge of the device and to change the charger behavior accordingly. In general, Power Bank with advanced features such as fast charging, excellent security protection, and so on are relatively better control chips, and are relatively more secure, with appropriate attention when purchasing.

Some cheap but have a large capacity of Power Bank, in addition to poor battery performance, control chip is usually very cheap, security can not be guaranteed. A sub-price goods, small partners to keep their eyes.

5, the battery quality can not be ignored

Although the Power Bank looks almost the same, but the inherent is obviously different. Determine the cost of the part in addition to the above-mentioned control chip, as well as lithium battery itself. In general, well-known international manufacturers of battery performance and reputation are good.

Of course, the price is also a key, expensive is not necessarily the best, but the use of poor lithium battery low-cost Power Bank will not be very good.

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