Power Bank Trend

- May 04, 2016 -

             Power Bank, also known as external battery power ban pack external battery pack, external back-up battery, external battery charger, portable battery charger, power bank battery, power bank charger, portable power bank and some company even give it a personalized name "phone lover". And now with the convenience of power bank, you can go almost with a diversity of digital products without taking too much extra battery, just one power bank will solve the problem.

              Nowadays people tend to carry many portable electronic products such as laptops, tablet PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders and so on just to enjoy the fun the tech brings to us. However, they are all powered by one battery, whether big capacity or small, and mostly the battery capacity it own takes cann't  meet our use of the digital devices. When taking a business trip or on travel with these devices during peak hours, like when the phone is on the phone, using digital cameras to take pictures, playing PSP video game , etc.,

               if the battery has no power , you will feel very hopeless and helpless, and most importantly you can not take for each device with a backup battery, needless to say you have to spend a lot of money to buy a device's backup battery. Therefore, in order to solve thse annoying problems, through continuous research and exploration, and the industry finally developed a new products: power bank. With a couple of tips, you can almost charge any devices you want. Now the largest single capacity of one power bank can be up to 20600mAh.

              The safety issue of power bank is continuously concerned by people, and the chaotic situation in the market, especially the intense market competition makes it even wores. Power Bank must have: short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, constant current, constant voltage, and other protective measures, the high-security cell body, there should be a high-performance, intelligent processing technology.  Hopefully, this is what DNK Power is doing, so source from DNK with rest assured, we are here treating your OEM orders.

             ambopower Power boast its power bank/ potable battery pack for its following features: light weight,easy-to-carry even for girls, great interface, ABS materiel, Top grade A cells and safty tech, Micro USB input features, smart battery indicator and most importantly for its unique smart chip power management technology, 

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