Sharing Charging Treasure High-frequency Scene Communion And Upgrading

- Jun 15, 2018 -

    Recently, the sharing charging treasure industry leader Street Power and Vienna Hotel, the leader of middle and high-end hotels, reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will carry out multiple and in-depth long-term efforts in the realization of the nationwide storefront counters and shared brand promotion of the shared charging treasure. Cooperation.

It is reported that Vienna Hotel Group is the first brand of Chinese mid-range hotels. At present, the Vienna Hotel Group already has 10 major sub-brands and has more than 2,200 hotels in operation and in construction in more than 200 cities across the country. It is currently developing at a rapid rate of more than 500 stores each year. Leading the mid-range hotel market in China.

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As the strategic partner of the sharing charging treasures of the Vienna hotel chain, Street Power Technology currently has more than 300 counters in the hotel. The follow-up information will also be updated. As for the settled customers of Vienna Hotel, the integration of the Street Power Sharing Charging Pod not only provides the hotel's customers with convenient mobile phone charging service anytime and anywhere, but also, based on big data and smart IOT, the street power sharing charging treasure, also for the hotel. Provides a high-quality, convenient basic equipment.

The industry believes that in a series of strategic cooperation between street power and branded hotels, not only has the cabinets been settled in, it has redefined the service standards of the industry, and has also realized the cross-border integration of shared charging treasures and physical scenes. In particular, the Vienna Hotel was once rated as the “most popular consumer of China National Brand Hotel Group” and won the China’s largest mid-range hotel group and China Hotel Industry Excellence Award. The cooperation between the two parties in the traffic portal, brand promotion, and expansion of social marketing channels has undoubtedly set an example for the market and brand operation of the shared charging treasure industry.

Shared sharing and charging and other sharing economies are currently highly sought after in the domestic capital and market business models. After more than two years of user incubation, more and more consumers have reported their openness and acceptance of sharing and leasing formats. The industry gains and market size have also risen. However, it is a key factor in the second half of the match that whether or not it is highly dependent on the offline scene that the sharing business can take the lead in seizing the dominant scene resources.

In the scramble scene resources sharing charge Po, street power to take advantage of the first, staking their claims, take the lead in grabbing 80% of the industry's market share. Through continuous screening of scene resources and continuous optimization of user experience, Street Power realizes iterative upgrades from small cabinets to large cabinets from small scenes to large scenes. High-frequency scene occupancy, user experience and brand recognition, the industry is far ahead.

According to media reports, as of March 2018, the number of street-level users has exceeded 60 million, and daily peak orders have reached 1.2 million single-days, which has skyrocketed by more than 60 times in just one year. Chen Ou, the founder of Jumei Youpin, said: “The order volume of street power has exceeded Jumei”, which is an important part of Jumei’s platform traffic and brand consolidation. At the same time, the original CEO of Street Power also announced in November last year that Street Power was profitable in multiple cities and became the first profitable shared charging company.

With its advanced brand concept and strong channel operation capability, Street Power has been highly recognized by the industry and continues to be the “best CP” for major partners such as hotels, music festivals, airports and passenger transportation centers. According to relevant responsible persons of street power, in the future, in order to continue to deepen the scene and maintain market leading advantages, Street Power will continue to exert its efforts in product R&D, intellectual property rights, user experience, etc., and strive to make street power a set of hardware R&D. , Big Data Services mobile sharing platform for charging companies. Lead the industry to benign competition and healthy, sustainable ecological development model evolution.

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