Skills Are Too High Do You Use Wireless Charging Cell Phones

- Mar 18, 2016 -

Nikola Tesla invented the "Tesla coil" that can spread through the air power, opening the era of wireless charging. However, after more than 100 years, the biggest beneficiaries of wireless charging technology is actually an electric toothbrush. Although the Wireless charging technology widely in recent years, but has not gained popularity in the consumer electronics field, and now AI PS1 power supply by integrating Qi Wireless-charging standard, keep your phone away from the wound, put the charger!

Lately the famous Beijing Dong all the chips on the line a Ai Bang PS1 wireless mobile power, which is being developed by Ningbo AI group electronic technology limited company of a new dual-use products, the main functions of not only taking into account the General mobile power, also has wireless charging this new plug-in technology, in both design and overall conversion rate of electrical energy are also published.

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