Taobao 16,000 MAh Charging Treasure Only Measures One-sixth Of The Electricity

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Recently, due to the frequent occurrence of human health hazards caused by low-quality mobile power sources, Beijing TV Life Channel “Life 2015” has conducted sampling inspections on the charging treasures of Jingdong, Taobao and other platforms. The results of spot inspections are quite different, except for the formal purchases. A charging treasure for the authentic, the reporter bought cheap treasure from Taobao is a copycat goods.

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It is reported that BTV Life Channel reporters first received complaints from consumers, saying that the problem was the purchase of charging treasures. In order to reveal the truth, the reporters purchased 50 yuan, 60 yuan, and 70 yuan in different shops at The same type of charging treasure, and in the regular company also purchased the same type of charging treasure, from the appearance of these charging treasure and there is any difference, but after the reporter sent these charging treasure to a professional testing agency, the results are very alarming.

After testing, several charging treasures purchased from Taobao are all counterfeit goods, and the charging capacity is only one-sixth of nominal. The charging treasures purchased by regular companies are genuine, and the charging capacity is even higher than the nominal capacity.


From the outside, there is no difference between the cottage charging treasure and the authentic charging treasure. After testing, Wu Xiyin, a professional engineer of the Beijing Institute of Metrology and Inspection pointed out: “These charging treasures of the cottage are really a great deal of effort, especially in appearance. At the same time, fonts and typography will be modeled after the brand. We can hardly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of charging treasures from the appearance, but as long as they are opened one by one, it will be clear at a glance."

Sure enough, in the hands of engineers, once opened the lid "false Li ghost" appeared in the original shape: the cottage charging treasure battery is colorful, there is no production mark, and in the circuit design is also very unreasonable, most of its battery connection point For manual welding, it is not very strong. At first glance, it is three products. If water vapor enters in a humid climate, it will cause a short circuit or even an explosion.

Experts pointed out that there will be batches of genuine rechargeable batteries, printing will be extremely refined, and the regular charging treasure circuit design is precise, all parts will also set up security protection devices, such as wrapping with insulated things.

In fact, just look at the battery circuit is not enough, charging the treasure to detect the most important thing is its power, for this reason, professional engineers through the discharge experiment shows the difference between genuine and fake charging treasure. The test found that Taobao purchased the charging treasure marked 16000 mAh, while the actual measurement is 2600 mAh, only one-sixth of its nominal 16000 mAh. While the regular company's genuine charging treasure, the inspection personnel found that it has been discharged to 16,000 mAh, but you can also see some residual power, that is, its actual capacity is higher than the marked 16,000 mAh.

Poor quality charging treasure is difficult to meet the daily charging needs of consumers. When charging a mobile phone, it will not be long before it will be discharged. Not to mention the danger of explosion. To ensure personal safety, we must pay attention to purchasing genuine charging treasures. In this regard, experts also suggest that if you choose to charge the treasure, we must choose the formal e-commerce platform, so that not only in product quality protection, but also in the supporting services also have certain advantages.

It is worth noting that large-capacity charging will generally have potential safety hazards. We should not blindly pursue large-capacity charging when purchasing Baobao, as long as it is suitable, such as those on Taobao that do not move at more than ten to twenty million mAh. Can't buy.

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