Titanate Lithium Battery Market Application Prospects In The End How?

- Oct 20, 2017 -

With the 2017 national new energy vehicles on the latest subsidies on the energy-based Lithium Battery energy density made a clear request, the technical threshold to many domestic iron phosphate Lithium Battery manufacturers directly discontinued. Therefore, with the replacement of lithium iron phosphate lithium titanate into the market. Although the application of lithium titanate technology in the field of electric vehicles and energy storage has been confirmed in the market, lithium titanate batteries in the rate, high temperature, low temperature, cycle life, safety and other battery performance indicators have also been recognized by the industry. But when the new technology, new ideas, the emergence of new things, always attracted some doubt, lithium titanium battery market prospects in the end how? We have to analyze.

From the cycle of life, high security and other fields,titanate Lithium Battery with the inherent advantages of materials, which adapted to the development of national conditions, in the electric car charging time, driving range, safety performance and other issues, to solve the majority of China The needs of public transport enterprises to achieve the life and operational efficiency and other indicators must compete with the traditional internal combustion engine prerequisites, which have to say that a breakthrough in the field of lithium batteries to improve the entire lithium battery application system has an important impact.

It is reported that, with lithium iron phosphate batteries and three different lithium batteries, in the field of electric vehicles, lithium titanate battery to take full advantage of its characteristics, take the fast-charge line, that is, in 6 minutes or less time after the full charge Driving. So it is very suitable for high-frequency operating vehicles.

Fast charge can improve the efficiency of the use of charging pile, the maximum savings in the construction site and cost of charging stations in the high cost of urban areas, even more valuable, with the progress of national urbanization,titanate Lithium Battery research and development in the industry is Very forward - looking strategic significance. Lithium titanate battery pure electric bus main application of titanate Lithium Battery in the fast charge, long life, high and low temperature, high security and other aspects of the characteristics, can be achieved with the traditional fuel vehicle 1: 1 replacement, charging pile can be used 5: 1, that is, five cars with a charging pile mode of operation, greatly reducing the construction of the pile and vehicle operating costs.

titanate Lithium Battery life and excellent high and low temperature performance also ensures the stability of the operation of vehicles. As for the actual operating results, to the world's largest bus operation system - Beijing bus as an example. As we all know, Beijing has a large population, Beijing bus operation pressure is huge, each line peak interval only a few minutes. As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games began to use pure electric buses, try slow charge, electricity and other operating modes, but also used, including lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, ternary batteries, including a variety of power Lithium Battery , Because they do not meet the actual needs of the last abandoned. Finally, after 127 experts for a long time to discuss, select the new energy Yinlong, and Yinlong pure electric bus can enter the Beijing bus will undoubtedly prove the superiority of titanate Lithium Battery is consistent with the development of new energy bus law, but also respect the laws of the market s Choice.

In summary, in fact, a technology is not suitable for a particular area of the application, not just one or two simple technical indicators of the decision, more is to see the actual application of the results and customer recognition level. With the continuous expansion of lithium titanate battery production scale, combined with the future construction of energy storage facilities, coupled with the special business model Yinlong, lithium titanate battery pure electric bus is the most likely to get rid of financial subsidies for new energy One of the models.

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