Tucao Opening Security: Self-timer Charging Treasure Can Not Bring The Flag Face Mask Face Not Allowed

- Jun 15, 2018 -

    Beijing time at 22:30 on June 14, the World Cup "Russia time" will officially ring. By then, the Luzhniki Stadium, which can accommodate more than 80,000 Moscow, will flow into fans from all over the world to witness the opening of the "Feast." West China City Daily - Cover The news reporter learned from Moscow that the security measures of this World Cup can be described as "the strictest in history." Visitors to the stadium, besides mobile phones and purses, have other items such as selfie sticks, shoulder bags, charging treasures, and umbrellas. Things like hats and hats can't be carried anywhere. The “artifact” Vuvuzela, which is seen everywhere in the World Cup in South Africa, is even rejected.

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Tucao opening security: self-timer charging treasure can not bring the flag face mask face not allowed

In major football matches, fans and fans like to paint their national flags on the faces of all kinds of home teams to express their support and support. However, in Russia this year, fans with grimace and flag faces are not allowed to enter the stadium. In addition, masks, helmets and other items that affect the viewer’s facial recognition cannot pass the security check.

Russian security also stipulates that in addition to horns and wind instruments, loud instruments can be made. For example, Vuvuzela, a musical instrument that has been playing "full-time" at the World Cup in South Africa, cannot be brought into play. This may mean that we will enjoy a "quietest" World Cup.

Even more surprising is that the selfie stick and charging treasure can not bring, so that fans and friends want to use mobile phones to remember the image is not easy.

At the security inspection site, any item with a length, breadth and height of more than 25 centimeters will be "blocked" by the staff. Also, fans of friends visiting the stadium must not bring the national flag. Things that were commonplace in previous World Cups and the World Cup in Russia are Not allowed. According to regulations, banners or banners, the size can not exceed 2 meters (length) × 1.5 meters (width), while the small flags and posters need to meet the "made of non-flammable materials, flagpoles must also be flexible and easy to disassemble, length Not more than 1 meter.

Under the situation of frequent security incidents in various countries, this year's World Cup in Russia can be said to use "the strongest security" to ensure that the 32-day event will not go wrong.

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