Why Doesn't The Mobile Power Supply Come Standard With A Charger?

- Nov 30, 2018-

I believe that many friends who have purchased mobile power have found that there is no standard charger when unpacking and testing items. Instead, they are equipped with a relatively short charging cable. The short charging cable is not only convenient to carry around. The internal resistance is also lower and the loss is smaller. However, why is the current mobile power supply not equipped with a charger?

From the perspective of the interests of mobile power manufacturers, the cost can be saved without the standard charger, and consumers can also purchase mobile power at a lower price. The purchase of mobile power is used as a mobile phone and other digital products to charge, you have a charger, you can use your own charger to charge the charging treasure, and then one more seems to be wasted resources. In some developed countries, even smart phones are not equipped with a standard charger, in order to eliminate resource waste and environmental issues.

There are also some mobile power supplies on the market that come with their own plugs. Just like some rechargeable flashlights, you can plug them out when you use them, and hide them into the body when you are not charging. It is more convenient. There are also some mobile power sources that support rapid power storage. It is recommended to purchase a dedicated charger.

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